The ARTV Mount accommodates most flat screen TVs from 50" to 75"

  • Width of the wall opening needs to be >2" of TV width (W) - allows for 1" clearance on each side of TV
  • Height of the wall opening needs to be >7" of TV height (H) plus sound bar but not less than 42"
  • Depth of the wall opening should be between 4" & 5". Can accomidate TV up to 2.5" in depth.
  • Picture frame width & height should be >2" of hole size to have 1" of overlap around the opening
  • The Fireplace Mantle should be >6" below the wall opening and <10" depth
  • TV plus sound bar weight should be <110 pounds
  • The shipping box is 36.5" x 20.5" x 6.5" and weighs 73 lbs.

Note: The ARTV Mount can accommidate any artwork that weighs less than 20 lbs. but the lighter the better. Artwork more than 15 lbs. may require adding weight to the TV to help push out the picture from the full up position. It is recommended to use paintings or prints on canvas with gallary wrapped edges (frameless) or floating frames to minimize the weight. Instructions / drawings for stretching & framing artwork are in the User's Manual. The Link to the Manual is at the bottom of the "How It Works" TAB.