ARTV Mount can be mounted on or within a standard 2 x 4 wall. The ARTV Mount is supplied with both wired and wireless (both RF & IR) two button controllers. We are a Crestron certified integrated partner and can be synchronized with your other control systems. We are also looking to have a voice control system soon.

The following pictures shows the sequence of how the ARTV Mount works:

revolution tv mounts

You start with a classic painting or picture hanging above the fireplace mantle in the living room. 

revolution tv mounts

When you press the "Down" button the picture automatically tilts open slightly and the flat screen TV slides down in front of the mantle to an easy viewing level. You can program the control system to lower the TV to your desired viewing level, up to 3 feet below the mounted up position. To raise the TV back to the up stored position (behind the picture) just push the "Up" button and it will automatically raise back up. Press any button at any time to stop either the up or down movement.

revolution tv mounts

If you want to have a fire and watch TV at the same time you can raise the TV and watch it above the mantle by doing the following;

  1. Lift the Picture slightly and pull out the Roller Extension Arms
  2. Lower the Picture back down on to the Roller Extension Arms
  3. Push the "Up" button to raise the TV to the desire level and push any button to stop. The picture now flips up so you can see the TV in a raised position.

To lower the TV back down to the normal lower viewing position, just reverse the three steps

To View the complete ARTV Mount User’s Manual (Note: The Table on page 5 of manual should be replaced with the updated table shown on the Products TAB), click here.