What is the price?

Suggested U. S. Retail Price (MSRP) is $1999

Our On-line Factory Wholesale price for installer is $1699

What is included?

All needed hardware including: Wall mount, winch, motor, movable frame, picture frame hinges and TV mounting bracket with various size bolts for different TVs. All required fasteners (nuts, bolts etc.). All controls and power supplies including: Control box, 120VAC-29VDC power supply, wired hand controller, wireless RF controller, IR sensor eye. Detailed User’s Manual. Click on this lick to view User’s Manual to view everything that is included.

What is not included?

Price does not include Artwork but a listing of potential vendors and detailed instructions on how to stretch & frame prints / paintings are supplied.

Price also does not include:

  • Bluetooth Connection Option (6 pins connector) – optional Bluetooth transformer that can control the ARTV Mount via smart phone. Can be purchased separately.
  • 12V Trigger Option – when the TV power is tuned on, the 12 volt trigger can provide power to the ARTV Mount control system to lower the TV. Can be purchased separately. See www.nilesaudio.com for more details.
  • Swivel Option - enables the TV to manually tilt side-to-side. This option is under development and will be fully compatible with this ARTV Mount Model.
  • Voice Control Option - enables the customer to use voice commands to raise and lower the TV. This option is under development and will be fully compatible with this ARTV Mount Model.

What is the warranty?

One Year Full Warranty – If not satisfied for any reason, just return the ARTV Mount and receive a full refund.

What are the options for mounting ARTV?

Mounts inside or outside a standard 2x4 wall. (4” depth or larger)

What about sound system?

ARTV may accomodate some sound bar systems inside frame.

Can the TV height be adjusted?

Yes. Using the wired or wireless controllers you can program the TV to lower by up to 3 feet.

Does the mount accommodate anything other than artwork?

Yes. It will accommodate photos, mirror, etc. that cover the opening and weigh less than 50 pounds.

What size flat screen televisions can be used?

One size ARTV Mount accommodates 45" to 75" flat screens that are 2.5" or less deep. See Products page for sizes of TVs.

Can I install it myself?

The ARTV Mounts comes from the factory, almost completely assembled and tested. Most DIYs should be able to install the ARTV Mount but we recommend using a professional Audio/Video (A/V) installer.