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Our Vision:

Produce a high quality and atractive TV Mounting System that automatically transitions to display a flat screen TV or your own pictures/artwork.

Our Story:

RTVM started when its founder, Dan Keuter was building his own home. He wanted a TV mounting system that would display a large flat screen TV or their own family pictures. Since there was nothing on the market that would do both and looked attractive, he developed the RTVM Mounting System.

Many high end homes have traditionally included an aesthetically pleasing picture above the fireplace. Often though the best location for viewing a modern flat screen TV is also above the fireplace. Many people, however; do not want a large TV to be the focal point of a room when not in use. RTVM's product enables you to have it both ways. You can enjoy your beautiful decorated Dream Home and then at a touch of button have it turn into a relaxing Home Theater.

RTVM is partnering with Touchstone Home Products to ensure high quality Customer sales and service.

Beautiful Dream Home

Relaxing Home Theater

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